Ode to the Lady in Pink

Oh Lady in PINK!
Puffy coat that reaches from your head to your toes,
With your boots that match for good measure,
and your pearl earrings.

You have a purse and a cart,
are you going to Loblaws?
Are you going to buy something pink, or maybe some milk,
You’ll be stylin’.

Oh Lady in Pink,
Riding the bus next to me,
tell me where you shop,
I’m jealous.


About jastoffer

I just graduated this year from the University of Ottawa (Classics and English). I am an East coaster - born in the Great White North (Yukon) who now lives in Canada's Capital...and I work as a tour guide...East coaster customer service = best. stories. ever. I love telling stories, and creating stories. I also love making fun of people, well, not really, that sounds a little harsh - I love people and their quirks and I look for ways to satirize them in my daily encounters. I need to do this, or else I would go insane with seriousness. Whether it's getting asked where the Canadian President lives or where the bus will meet them on a walking tour, the stories I have of people in Ottawa are numerous, and hilarious (if not also a tad ridonkulus.) Never take yourself too seriously. Because the minute that you do, someone laughs at you. Cheers, JS
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